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Friday April 27, bringing 1 guest Ginna Thoma


Mark coming at 4 also.


Eric, Thank you for hosting South Shore vs North Shore. DTC did a fantastic job and the food was delicious. I greatly appreciate your support of the fabulous game of PB! All my best, Tracy

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Hello All!! Happy Easter aka "Bunnies Lay Eggs & Confuse the Crap Outta Kids Day"!! Just a kwik reminder: Starting Monday, April 2nd if you sign up by 9 p.m. the nite b4 the morning play time or sign up the morning before the afternoon play time the fee remains at $3.00. If ya don't sign up the walk-in fee will be $5.00. If ya bring a "New Guest" their fee will be $3 too. If you need assistance in accessing your identity in playerlineup.com ask one of us to help you. We can walk you thru the process 1st hand...........its easy.........once someone shows ya how!!

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Jon coming too