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Are you posting in for us to sign in?

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Okay then............."HAPPY NEW YEAR" cometh & many have asked to play to start off the new year.
Soooooo............we will be open tomorrow, Jan 1st from 10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m. for all those happy revelers & bleary-eyed partyers. So come on down & start the new year off right.


I'm in

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How much does it cost and cash/debit ok?


Congratulations to winners and participants on a successful tournament
Greg R

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If anyone accidentally picked up a stocking cap with "Kingfish Pub and Cafe" embroidered lettering Saturday, please leave it at the front desk. Thanks!


Everyone have a great tournament and a Happy New Year.

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Thanks Greg. Enjoy your time away. See you when you get back. Ray


You will be missed at the tournament. Enjoy your time in the sunshine. Barbara