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Eric. A concern I have about moving indoors is finding an area where we are not shoulder to shoulder when not playing

Are the courts that are adjacent to the pickleball courts available so that if you opened the roll up door it would give us an area to spread out?? I don’t want to take away revenue if those courts are being used, but I won’t feel comfortable playing indoors unless we can find a location where we can spread out and feel safe. At least until we can get this foolish pandemic behind us

Thanks for considering my suggestion and I’m also open to any suggestions you may have to provide a safe environment ... especially for us old farts

Thanks, Dave

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Dave - 3 easy options:
1) Use the lounge area outside of the court to wait in,
when game is over switch out players. Winners stay on & split.
Losers walk off. If u win a 2nd time u must leave and the next 3
players walk on to play
Repeat. OR
2) If u want to remain inside on court stand against the wall at 6 foot
intervals where it is already marked off. OR
3) Opt out of playing altogether - we would rather have you feel safe
then worry and play like crap

Other precautions we have taken to try and limit exposure are:
1) Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the club
2) Digital Thermometer is available at entrance,
3) Screen doors have been installed on all courts to allow fresh air
from outside be to drawn into the courts and circulated around.
4) 2 very large 3 foot air circulator fans were installed to draw clean
fresh air into the club & blown out thru exhaust fans in peaks at
opposite end of courts. Worx GREAT! Fresh clean air drawn in
from the outside is turned over every 3 minutes on every court

Also....please don't "FAHT"!!! We wanna breathe clean fresh air!!! LOL


Thanks for reply and doing your best to keep us safe. I will continue to play outside until no longer feasible. I will the try the inside as an option to see how safe I feel. Who knows we may have a vaccine by then and it will no longer be a concern

Thanks, Dave

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Where is everyone playing outside until they open?
I've played Lakeville, Mattapoisett, Sandwich and Mashpee courts over the summer.

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"Open Play" for Advanced (4.0/5.0), Intermediate (3.0/4.0) & Intro (1.0/2.0) levels. "Open Play" times will be emailed ON A DAILY BASIS to players who sign up at "dartmouthindoorpickleball.playerlineup.com" . We have 4 brand new, painted, private Pickleball courts plus room for taping 16 more if needed. "Advanced/Competitive" & "Open Play" are going on daily.Weekly leagues will be organized after Sept 30th. Cost is $5.00 pp.

Regular, schedueld "Open Play" times are:

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     Other open court imes are always available if the private, painted courts have an open time slot at the time you are looking for. Cost is $20.00 per hour per court. If you are interested in a different time and have a group to play with please call to find out if that time and court are available. There are an additional 8 courts marked off to be taped on "as needed" basis. Tournaments, Leagues & Ladder play are on our horizon of "To-Do's". We encourage any one interested in playing to contact us with new ideas or programs. Clinic/lesson interest or whatever other ideas you may have are always welcome!.

     We are easy to get to:  30 min from Providence or Bourne - 25 min from Taunton/Lakeville, Little Compton and Bristol/Warren. Sooooo........"C'mon down & have some fun & excercise at the same time!!"