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There’s a pro pickleball player staying in Providence through August. He’s very, very good and he’s offering lessons. If anyone is interested, contact Will Stults: 719 722-4585.

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Hi all, Will Stults is the pro's name and he is from Colorado - you tube him. As Doug said, he is very, very good and, more importantly, he is very, very nice, patient and an excellent coach

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club closed til next week.....................we hope!!!!!!

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Eric are you open this Sat or Sun May 30/31, 2020?

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Glad to hear you are beginning to open up! Hopefully I'll have a chance to get there before too long.

With the virus proving to be a much greater risk for certain populations of people, any thought to asking those in high risk categories to refrain from playing? I understand that most pickleball players are probably at very low risk of experiencing severe symptoms, but for players with underlying conditions it might be better for them to wait until there is a vaccine before they take any chances.

I look forward to getting my butt kicked on the pickleball courts again!

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Underlying conditions is the biggest factor resulting in death. Of the 12,266 NYC deaths where definitive determinations have been made on the existence of underlying conditions 99.2% of the victims did suffer from underlying conditions. This figure takes into account all ages.

NYC Health Department notes "Underlying illnesses include Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease, GI/Liver Disease, and Obesity."

I suppose the older we are the more chance we have one or more of these underlying illnesses. My advice to anyone with one of these illnesses is to strictly quarantine. Forget pickleball, I wouldn't leave the house except for critical medical care.

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Is DIT open this morning 5. 18.20 for Pickleball? Can anyone reply immediately for me? Thank you!


Excited you're opening! What precautions are you taking, like;
Will your staff wear masks?
Will players be required to wear masks on or off the courts?
Will you scan players for fevers?
Will social distancing be required?

Want to play but also want to see my granddaughter graduate college?



Hello Eric,
Do you have any updates for your area and what is going on for Dartmouth and your facility?... The player lineup has come to me, but not sure I might have missed a message from you... Hope you both are doing well!
Thanks, Gail