As our winter season winds down I’d like to
keep competing.I guess some of our higher
level brothers and sisters have organized
a group to continue playing outdoors.That is
a good idea.Is there any interest in creating
another group of roughly 3.0’s to 3.5’s to do
likewise.I am told that Lakeville is in
Charlie Dacey


I would be interested but come from Providence so Lakeville probably too far.


I’m not sure where our population will be
centered.I and some others have used Lakeville
for outdoor competition.As I said earlier that
might not be an option.Hopefully,we can get
some feedback on what might work for the
greatest number

Jeremiah responded in

Arriving with SM at about 9

Jeff responded in

Miracle on ice 1980


When do signups come out fir wed nite advanced?
Kerry mac

Douglas, profile photo

I think you're thinking Lakeville, Kerry

Douglas, profile photo

Advanced is Friday night at DIT

Douglas, profile photo

There are a bunch of appointments available to get the Covid vaccine at Walgreens in Fall River and Fairhaven Monday and Tuesday